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Capitalize for Kids Investors Conference 2014

Sohn Canada Conference

The Arcadian Court | Toronto, Ontario | Date: October 23-24, 2014

Presented by Capitalize for Kids

Capitalize for Kids Investors Conference

Capitalize for Kids has partnered with the Sohn Conference Foundation to bring a premier investment forum to Canada, bringing together North America's savviest investors to share fresh insights and strategies in support of child health research and treatment.

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Research Partners

Becoming a member of Capitalize for Kids allows you to generate alpha not only from the investors conference, but also throughout the year through our research partnerships. Our monthly newsletter "Actionable Alpha" provides the best investment ideas from our research partners, speakers, and select investment managers on an ongoing basis. Beyond the publication, members will be eligible for trial access to several of our partners research services. Please click on the logos below for a description of the research we provide.

Seeking Alpha PRO is a subscription-only platform for professional investors providing exclusive early access to the best long and short ideas on Seeking Alpha, as well as a growing library of independent small- and mid-cap stock research. Powerful analysis on underfollowed equities, special situations, and stocks with value-enhancing catalysts which provide asymmetric risk/reward - and top research on small and mid-caps.

BCA Research is the world's leading provider of independent investment research. Since 1949, the firm has supported its clients in making better investment decisions through the delivery of leading-edge economic analysis and comprehensive investment strategy research. With access to over 150,000 raw time-series, BCA strategists are aided by one of the most extensive research databases in existence, cover every region of the globe, and provide analysis on virtually every investable asset class.

BCA maintains a head office in Montreal, with local offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Buenos Aires.

Veritas is Canada's largest and most followed independent equity research firm. Used by investors, regulators, and the courts, they write objective fundamental research.

Veritas research, considers all aspects of a company's financial reporting, disclosure, and business model, with a view to capital preservation. A unique forensic accounting-based research approach has proven that a careful understanding of financial information provides the key to a secure investment decision.

Research Veritas only business, which allows for unvarnished advice when others might be conflicted. We are also actively involved in investor education and standard setting.

Despite the abundance of research produced by conventional sell-side research houses, there continues to be corners of the investment landscape that lack deep, insightful analysis. It is within these areas that PCS Research Services seeks to add value for their clients. PCS Research Services represents a select roster of research originators that have been carefully selected for their ability to add value in specific areas of the market that often exhibit inefficiencies.

PCS Research Services has partnered with Capitalize for Kids to provide conference attendees with free trials of several research services. (Standard subscription fees on these services range from $10,000 to $90,000 annually). In order to protect the proprietary nature of these publications, trials will be provided only to employees of registered investment management firms.

Horizon Kinetics was founded on the belief that a short-term investment approach, widely adopted with the modernization of financial markets, produces sub-optimal returns over the long-term. Horizon Kinetics believes that investors are better served by extending their investment time horizon and harnessing the power of compounding. Our investment strategies are driven by our independent, fundamental research and often take contrarian views that seek to take advantage of the short-term focus of the marketplace.

Horizon Kinetics believes requiring research analysts to frame their investment ideas in writing helps to avoid the common behavioral finance error of adjusting one’s investment thesis in response to short-term market price fluctuations.

Height believes capital markets firms should employ a "research first" approach. Today, innovative business models and industries are forming as old ones struggle to reinvent themselves. Equity research at many large, multi-product financial services companies has become an afterthought given the complexities and inherent conflicts of interest in those businesses.

A strong commitment to focused, unbiased research and treating clients as partners are as fundamental to the business today as they were when it first launched. Institutional investors, financial sponsors, and corporations benefit from our years of investment experience analyzing companies and trends within the most regulated segments of the U.S. economy.

SumZero is the world's largest community of investment professionals working at hedge funds, mutual funds, and private equity funds. With nearly 10,000 pre-screened professionals collaborating on a fully-transparent platform, SumZero fosters the sharing of many thousands of proprietary investment reports every year and offers several ancillary services in support of that effort. These free services include capital introduction services, buyside career placement services, media placement, and more. SumZero's membership base is represented by analysts and PMs at nearly all of the world's largest and most prominent investment funds.

Capitalize for Kids members will have access to up to three of the top ranking ideas on the SumZero platform on a monthly basis.

The Horizon Research Group, founded in 1994 and headed by Murray Stahl, consists of ten investment analysts responsible for seven distinct research services. From 1978 to 1994, Murray worked as a portfolio manager and analyst at Bankers Trust Company managing approximately $600 million of individual, trust and institutional client assets. As the senior fund manager, he directed the investments of three of the bank's Common Trust Funds: the Special Opportunity, Utility, and Tangible Assets Funds. He served as a member of the Equity Strategy Group as well as the Investment Strategy Group, which established asset allocation guidelines for the Private Bank and was deeply involved in new product development. Mr. Stahl holds a BA in Computer Science and an MA in Asian History from Brooklyn College, City University of New York, and an MBA from Pace University.

The Institutional Research Group (IRG), an affiliate of PCS Research Services, was formed in January of 2008 to produce investment research focused on "special situation" investments, with a focus on spin-off transactions. IRG collaborates with Murray Stahl and Steven Bregman of the Horizon Research Group in the production of The Spin-Off Report.

Founded in January 2007 by Derek Laake, Voyant Advisors consists of 8 investment professionals seeking to identify publicly traded companies that exhibit significant risk of underperformance over the next 1 to 3 quarters. The service provides rigorous analysis of U.S. listed (Voyant Domestic) and non-U.S. listed (Voyant Global) companies exhibiting evidence of unsustainable revenue and/or earnings due to fundamental business deterioration, competitive landscape challenges, and/or operational inefficiencies.

Boyar Research was established in 1975 to provide independent research utilizing a business persons approach to stock market investing. Through our various publications, we provide in depth reports profiling companies selling below our estimate of their intrinsic or private market value.

Boyar Research takes a company’s financial statements, tears them apart and reconstructs them in accordance with economic reality as opposed to generally accepted accounting principles. Boyar Research seeks possible investment opportunities across the market capitalization spectrum and within a diverse range of industries. A large number of the companies featured in our publications are not widely followed by Wall Street. It is interesting to note that since 1975 approximately 40 percent of the companies profiled in our flagship publication Asset Analysis Focus have been acquired.*

The Private Investment Brief publishes profiles of alternative investment managers who are not yet well known in the investment community. The profiles include case studies of current and historical positions, as well as general discussions of the manager's investment philosophy. Our subscribers include family offices, endowments, funds of funds, and—our largest subscriber category—other managers. They read the Private Investment Brief to discover new talent, find specific investment ideas, and learn to be better investors. Learn more by contacting or visit

Imperial Capital is a full-service investment bank offering a uniquely integrated platform of comprehensive services to institutional investors and middle market companies. We offer sophisticated sales and trading services to institutional investors and a wide range of investment banking advisory, capital markets and restructuring services to middle market corporate clients. We also provide proprietary research across an issuer’s capital structure, including bank debt, debt securities, hybrid securities, preferred and common equity and special situations claims. Our comprehensive and integrated service platform, expertise across the full capital structure, and deep industry sector knowledge enable us to provide clients with superior advisory services, capital markets insight, investment ideas and trade execution. We are quick to identify opportunities under any market conditions and we have a proven track record of offering creative, proprietary solutions to our clients.

Imperial Capital’s expertise includes the following sectors: Aerospace, Defense & Government Services, Airlines & Transportation, Business Services, Consumer, Energy (Clean Energy and Traditional Energy), Financial Services, Gaming & Leisure, General Industrials, Healthcare, Homebuilding & Real Estate, Media & Telecommunications, Security & Homeland Security and Technology.

Imperial Capital has three principal businesses: Investment Banking, Institutional Sales & Trading and Institutional Research.

For additional information, please visit our Web site at

For more than a quarter century, Outstanding Investor Digest (OID) has chronicled the perspectives and activities of the world’s most successful and accomplished money managers. With a combination of excerpts from annual meetings and conference calls and its trademark in-depth interviews, OID digs deep into its contributors’ thinking about some of their most misunderstood, most controversial, most unpopular, and, hopefully, most undervalued ideas.

With the launch of its new digital offerings, OID’s digital subscribers can now enjoy the unmatched speed of online delivery, the searchability of a digital format, and exclusive access to the OID Archive. Nearly 4,000 pages in all, the Archive offers digital access to virtually everything that OID has ever published — their entire collection of classic, in-depth interviews and other features with some of the most respected investors who’ve ever lived including investment legends Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, John Templeton, Bill Ruane, and Walter and Edwin Schloss — dating all the way back to their first edition in January 1986.

Market IQ surfaces actionable insights from the unstructured data set to buy-side professionals, presenting opportunities to enhance incremental alpha by trading around their core position, and identifying potential new investment opportunities.

Additionally, insights from the unstructured dataset are presented in conjunction with Market IQ's proprietary Fundamental metrics such as Quality, Value, Growth, Profitability, Risk, and Estimate Momentum to provide buy-side professionals with deeper insights into the company’s strengths, weaknesses, and market sentiment.

Current Partners / Clients: Nasdaq, DowJones, Nomura, 23 Hedge Funds (AUM: $28B)


As a member, you will gain actionable ideas from the world's best investors. Experienced investors and money managers have the potential to dramatically and immediately improve returns.

The Conference is the perfect union of theory and practice, and it's much more than just a series of lectures. Brilliant money managers with a track record for beating the market will discuss the key concepts of value investing and share their investing experience. You won't just leave with actionable ideas, you'll also gain insight into how some of the world's most successful investors think. You will benefit from this invaluable knowledge for years to come and contribute meaningfully to advances in child health.

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We will provide your business with high visibility recognition at the conference, networking opportunities and invaluable exposure to the country's top investment leaders.

The Capitalize for Kids Investors Conference will attract hundreds of investors and investment professionals, including leading hedge fund managers, portfolio managers, corporate executives, financial analysts, high net worth individuals and other private investors. As a partner, your brand will not only receive unprecedented exposure to a captive audience of potential clients, but will also gain broader recognition throughout the community through its association with the Sick Kids Foundation.

Partner with C4K


Expand your media profile and prosper by sharing actionable ideas with significant industry participants.

Our speakers' slate has been finalized for the 2014 C4K Investors Conference, but we are accepting proposals for 2015. We are also actively seeking investment ideas from emerging and established managers to promote in our publication and online. Please contact us at for more information.

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Intelligent Investing Challenge

Brought to you by Bloomberg

The highest quality actionable investment ideas, as determined by a panel of distinguished money managers from across North America, will be rewarded with top prizes up to $25,000. Learn More.

Capitalize for Kids is pleased to announce the inaugural Intelligent Investing Challenge: an idea contest for institutional investment professionals. The Challenge seeks to identify actionable investment ideas to be distributed to Capitalize for Kids members  throughout the year. Submissions will be accepted between May 1st and July 31st, 2014.

A prominent investment panel will determine the winning investment theses based on ideas with the most compelling risk/reward characteristics over a 12-24 month horizon. By rewarding and disseminating top research, we hope to not only provide actionable ideas but encourage thorough, detailed and supportable investment analysis.

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Support A Smile

A platform for community leaders to make real, tangible, and visible improvements in the lives of children and staff at the Hospital for Sick Children. This "Capitalize for Kids Nation" provides individuals and businesses with the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and positively impact thousands of young lives.

What does your donation do?

Capitalize for Kids flows 100% of net proceeds through to the specific causes we have identified as being immediate priorities at the Hospital through our partnership with the SickKids Foundation. No members of the executive committee receive any salary from the the organization. We donate our time and experience as you donate your dollars, a simple gesture we view as the only way to ensure that the maximum difference is made in the lives of children at SickKids.

A donation receipt will be provided for the full value of your contribution.

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